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                         America Monsoon System are analysed for the Austral summer during 
                         the period from 1970 to 2000. The main objective of this work is 
                         to make an observational analysis of such budgets, including a 
                         composite of five El Niņo-southern oscillation events ocurred by 
                         the period of study. For this purpose, data from the NCEP/NCAR 
                         reanalysis and GPCP are used. Analysis of the moisture budget 
                         showed that South America are characterized by high precipitation 
                         which is associated with the vertically integrated moisture flux 
                         convergence. Large changes of heat and moisture components over 
                         South America during the composite El Niņo event is observed. 
                         Expressive defict of rainfall over South America Monsoon region 
                         occurs due an anomalous sinking motion and decrease of moisture 
                         flux convergence. The precipitation deficit is followed too by a 
                         decrease of both the atmospheric heating and advection of heat.",
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