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             abstract = "The aim of this work is to evaluate the influence of the South 
                         Atlantic Ocean (SAO) Sea Surface Temperature (SST) anomalies on 
                         the rain regimen of the South Brazilian Region and, consequently, 
                         in the local hydrographic basins. An analytical function based on 
                         a combination of two Gaussian distribution in space and one 
                         distribution in time was applied to the climatology of SST of the 
                         Community Atmosphere Model version 2.02 (CAM 2.02) of the National 
                         Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in order to simulate an SAO 
                         SST anomaly. The Gaussian analytical function was adjusted to the 
                         February and March of 2005 observed anomaly in the SAO, on the 
                         region near 58W and 40S where those anomalies reached 2ēC. In this 
                         period a rain anomaly in the South Brazilian Region took place, 
                         with pluviometric deficits of about 100 mm in the Uruguai (SC) and 
                         Igua{\c{c}}u (PR) rivers basins. In the subsequent months the SAO 
                         SST anomaly intensity was diminished but it was increased up in 
                         area reaching 20S in September, persisting until October. In these 
                         last two months the rain levels in the south region of Brazil 
                         basins exceeded the historical values in more than 100 mm. Data 
                         mining techniques applied to some computed indexes obtained from 
                         the model results revealed some South Brazilian Region circulation 
                         anomalies patterns in response to the SAO/SST anomaly forcing. The 
                         vertical structure of the model atmosphere was strongly affected 
                         by the forcing, the humidity and latent heat flux was augmented 
                         and the planetary bondary layer height was shortened in the 
                         anomaly forced region. These preliminary results emphasize the 
                         importance of the prognostics of SST in seasonal climatic 
                         forecast, demonstrating the need of a coupled ocean-atmophere 
                         modeling system for this kind of forecast.",
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