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             abstract = "The present work investigates circulation patterns associated to 
                         the extremes of intraseasonal precipitation over the South and 
                         Southeast of Brazil as simulated by regional climate model RegCM3 
                         (Regional Climate Model). We analyzed ten austral summer 
                         simulations, from 1989 to 1998, that were initiated and driven by 
                         NCEP reanalysis. The quantis technique was applied in the 
                         simulated daily precipitation to identify dry and wet extremes 
                         periods. Composites for wet periods over South and Southeast of 
                         Brazil show a dipole pattern in the precipitation anomalies 
                         between the two regions. During wet periods over Southeast, the 
                         anomalies of moisture fluxes present anticiclonic circulation over 
                         central Brazil and the transport of heat and moisture from Amazon 
                         basin is directed to southeast of Brazil. This circulation is 
                         inverted during the wet periods over the South, when there is an 
                         intensification of moisture and heat transport to this region. 
                         These composites show that RegCM3 simulated the circulations 
                         pattern, associated to wet periods, similar to those obtained in 
                         several observational studies. Composites of dry periods over the 
                         South also present intense precipitation over Southeast, although, 
                         there are differences in the circulation pattern compared to wet 
                         periods over Southeast. The moisture flux and transient of the 
                         divergence of moisture flux in the atmosphere were compared to 
                         investigate the differences in the circulation. The dry periods 
                         over the South indicates intense transient activity over the 
                         Southeast, which suggests the presence of transients systems (as 
                         cold fronts). On the other hand, the composites of wet periods 
                         over Southeast present characteristics of stationary systems, 
                         which is an indicative of the contribution of the South Atlantic 
                         Convergence Zone (SACZ). Composites of the circulation during dry 
                         periods over the Southeast are very similar to the wet periods 
                         over the South Brazil.",
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