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                         simulations that were conducted by the Centro de Investigaciones 
                         del Mar y la Atm{\'o}sfera (CIMA) as a contribution to the 
                         Ar-gentinean 2nd National Communication of Climate Change project. 
                         For the driven global model HadAM3P, a 10-year control run and two 
                         10-year scenario runs (based on the SRES A2 and B2 emission 
                         scenarios) were made with MM5 regional model. There are few 
                         quanti-tative differences between both emission scenarios. The 
                         simulated changes are larger for the A2 than the B2 scenario, 
                         although with few qualitative differences. In the two scenario 
                         runs, the warming in southern Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and 
                         northeastern Argentina are larger in winter and mainly in spring. 
                         In Paraguay, southern Brazil and northern Argentina the warm-ing 
                         peaks in spring when it locally reaches 5.5 ° C in the simulation 
                         for the A2 scenario. The B2 simulation shows a general increase in 
                         precipitation in southern Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, 
                         northern Argentina and northern Chile, with some decrease patches 
                         in precipitation southern Brazil, northern Chile, southern Peru, 
                         northwestern and northeastern Argentina and in the Patagonia. The 
                         A2 simulation shows a similar geographical pattern of the changes 
                         in precipitation, but with more extended areas with decrease in 
                         precipitation mainly in Chile. Both simulations show a general 
                         increase in precipitation in northern and central Argentina 
                         especially in summer and fall and a general decrease in 
                         precipitation in winter and spring. In fall the simulations agree 
                         on a general decrease in precipitation in southern Brazil. This 
                         re-flects changes in the atmospheric circulation during winter and 
                         spring. Changes in mean sea level pressure show a cell of 
                         increasing pressure centered somewhere in the southern Atlantic 
                         Ocean and southern Pacific Ocean, mainly during summer and fall in 
                         the Atlantic and in spring in the Pacific. In relation to the 
                         pressure distribution in the control run, this indicates a 
                         southward extension of the summer mean Atlantic and Pacific 
                         subtropical highs.",
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