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             abstract = "The precipitation variability over South America south of 
                         20degrees S (SA20S) has been investigated at a decadal (DD) and 
                         non-DD time scales. The results suggest that the space-time 
                         particularities of the ENSO-related precipitation anomalous 
                         patterns depend on the time scales considered. The precipitation 
                         patterns in the SA20S associated with the non-DD episodes exhibit 
                         a space-time coherent characteristics during ONDJ (0)-JJAS (+1) 
                         period such that a prominent area of positive (negative) anomalies 
                         is observed in the central SA20S and displaced northeastward with 
                         the time for the non-DD El Ninos (La Ninas). On the other hand, 
                         the precipitation anomalous patterns associated with the DD 
                         episodes feature more complex horizontal structures and larger 
                         anomalies than those of the non-decadal episodes. It is also 
                         worthwhile noting that the SA20S climate experiences the strongest 
                         and more extensive effects of the DD episode during the austral 
                         summer of the year following the onset of the DD episodes.",
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