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             abstract = "Equitable Threat Score (ETS) and Bias Score (BIAS) were calculated 
                         for the regional Eta model precipitation forecasts for the period 
                         from February 1997 through January 1998. The scores were also 
                         calculated separately for three regions over the continent, North, 
                         Northeast, and Centresouth, for each month, and for each season of 
                         the year, and for the different forecast ranges: T+24h, T+36h, 
                         T+48h and T+60h. During this year, North and Centre-south, regions 
                         showed the best ETS, although BIAS tended to be greater than 1, 
                         indicating overestimate. During autumn, the scores over Northeast 
                         region were the best compared to other regions. The ETS showed no 
                         significant differences for the different forecast ranges, 
                         however, BIAS were generally larger at shorter range forecasts.",
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