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             abstract = "This work shows a comparative study about UVB attenuation over a 
                         South American region, during wet season (with low aerosol loads 
                         and cloudy days) and dry season (with biomass burning aerosol 
                         predominance in clear-sky days). The analysis was based on UVB 
                         data collected in Asunci{\'o}n city (Paraguay) between 2000 and 
                         2002, and theoretical clear-sky irradiances calculated by an UV 
                         multiple-scattering radiative transfer code. For the wet season - 
                         February/April - a clustering method applied to GOES-8 imagery 
                         allows for identification of different types of clouds. On the 
                         other hand, the presence of aerosols during the dry season - 
                         August/September - was evaluated using TOMS aerosol index 
                         estimates. The goals of this study are: a.) characteristics of UVB 
                         attenuation in both seasons; and b.) preliminary assessment of 
                         empirical patterns relating UVB fluxes and cloudiness and aerosol 
                         presence in the region.",
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