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             abstract = "The coupling between a typical ranchland and the Convective 
                         Boundary Layer (CBL) has been investigated using radiosoundings at 
                         8, 11, 14 and 17 Local Time (- 4 hours from GMT), as a part of 
                         LBA/DRY-TO-WET 2002 experiment. The field campaign held from Sept 
                         15 up to Oct 30, 2002, extending from the end of the dry season 
                         (Sept) to the onset of the wet period (Oct). The profiles of 
                         potential temperature and specific humidity have been used to 
                         compute the mean properties of the CBL, as well as the height of 
                         the CBL. The CBL height varied from a typical value around 
                         2000-2200 m during the end of the dry season (Sept 18-20,2002) to 
                         a figure around 1600-1800 m in the beginning of the wet period 
                         (20-28,Oct). The potential temperature and humidity profiles did 
                         not changed remarkable during this period, oscillating from 307 - 
                         308 K and 12 - 14 g/kg. During the beginning of the wet season, 
                         some local showers have occurred and produced a remarkable change 
                         in the structure of the CBL. Some events have been analyzed. For 
                         instance, on Sept 28,2002, the height of the CBL was around 
                         1400-1500 m at 14 LT with a average potential temperature (q) 
                         around 306 K and specific humidity (q) of 13.5 g/kg. After a very 
                         strong rainfall (38 mm/3 hours) at afternoon, the CBL has been 
                         destroyed (height around 500 m) with q of 300 K and q around 15-16 
                         g/kg. There was also a nocturnal jet case (night from Sept 23-24) 
                         with strong wind of 11 m/s at 500 m. This strong windshear created 
                         an unexpected shallow mixed layer (height of 400 m) during the 
                         night instead of the nocturnal/stable pattern. This data-set will 
                         provide opportunity for modeling studies of the growing of the CBL 
                         and coupling with aerosols and/or clouds.",
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