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             abstract = "This paper will present the main characteristics of the raining 
                         systems observed during the 2002 Dry-to-Wet field campaign in the 
                         Amazon region. This experiment was set during the pre-wet season 
                         in order to understand the transition between the dry to wet 
                         raining season and the impact of the aerosols produced by forest 
                         burning in the development of clouds. Weather radar, rain gauges, 
                         and lightning measurements are used to depict the main 
                         precipitation characteristics observed during this field campaign. 
                         Preliminary results indicate that Mescoscale Convective Systems 
                         (MCS) that propagated over the radar area are responsible for most 
                         of the total rain volume and lightning observations. Additionally, 
                         a persistent convective diurnal cycle was observed with local 
                         convection, and these convective clouds have raining cloud tops 
                         ranging from 12 to 18 km top. Some of these raining clouds 
                         presented lightning observation. Therefore, this study will try 
                         also to investigate the main differences observed during the 
                         formation of thunderstorms.",
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