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             abstract = "Accurate estimates of surface sensible and latent heat flux 
                         exchange between water and the atmosphere are crucial for 
                         understanding many physical processes of large aquatic systems. In 
                         this paper, monthly mean maps (from 2003 to 2008) of sensible and 
                         latent heat flux are estimated. Water surface temperature derived 
                         from Terra/MODIS satellite and meteorological data from surface 
                         stations are incorporated to map the spatial distributions of 
                         those fluxes. The main results show that the sensible flux is 
                         negative at high air temperature (from Jjanuary to April and from 
                         November to December) and positive at low (from June to July) 
                         temperature. The latent flux is higher at the water-land interface 
                         than at the center of the reservoir. During night this flux 
                         remains low along the entire hydrological year with little spatial 
                         variability. These results point out that the use of satellite 
                         image improved the understanding of the heat exchange between 
                         water surface and the atmosphere.",
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