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             abstract = "Consciousness increasing and the establishment of new 
                         environmental laws for nature conservation require an evaluation 
                         of the Embrapa farms adequacy to obey the environmental 
                         legislation. As a rule, techniques and products of remote sensing 
                         and GIS are essential tools for spatial analysis of land use and 
                         occupation. The current work has goaled to evaluate spatially land 
                         use and occupation of the headquarters campus area of Embrapa 
                         Amaz{\^o}nia Oriental, in Bel{\'e}m, Par{\'a} State, Brazil, as 
                         well as the adequacy to Brazilian Forestry Code. For this reason, 
                         it was generated an ArcGIS geographic database using IKONOS II 
                         image as the main component for the evaluation of land use and 
                         occupation on the referred area. It was verified that landscape is 
                         dominated by forest cover, which mostly refers to primary forests; 
                         the second-most representative group of land use class 
                         corresponded to experimental farming areas, where pastures account 
                         for nearly 60% of the total area. It was also observed that the 
                         study area fits the requirements for Legal Reserve establishment, 
                         while a large part of the Permanent Preservation Areas (a 
                         Brazilian legal protected area for riparian zones) is covered by 
                         native forest. The complex land use mosaic of the study area 
                         strengths the importance of this work as a way to subsidize 
                         decision maker\‟s actions on the land regularization of 
                         this area.",
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