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             abstract = "This work aims mainly using SRTM Digital Terrain Model as (MDT) 
                         for the features identification of urban lakes in Feira de Santana 
                         city. We used the following infrastructure: SRTM images source 
                         software SPRING (version 3.6; 5.1.6 01/05), SAGA (version 1.2) and 
                         Mapwindow (version 2.7). With these materials was performed the 
                         following methods: a digital image processing entities. We carried 
                         out the transformation from the Digital Terrain Model in gray 
                         levels raster images. Therefore the DEM was resampled from 90 
                         meters to 30 meters, we generated two new images that were 
                         filtered with high pass and low pass filter, thus generating three 
                         images were then segmented by region growing algorithm, and 
                         classified by the classifier Isoseg which is an unsupervised 
                         process. The results obtained in this stage of the work were very 
                         satisfactory, since it was possible to identify the features of 
                         urban lakes in the city. It is noteworthy that this work is in 
                         progress, so we identified only the features of urban lakes as 
                         part of the activity performed by the master's program in urban 
                         environmental engineering at the Federal University of Bahia.",
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