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             abstract = "The combination of the two processes by which the water vapor is 
                         transferred into the atmosphere due to evaporation from the soil 
                         and transpiration from vegetation is called evapotranspiration 
                         (ET). The determination of ET values is very useful information 
                         for planning irrigation, water supply estimation, regulation of 
                         water rights and river basins hydrologic studies. Values of ET in 
                         the North region of Minas Gerais state were estimated in this 
                         research from the multispectral images data of the Landsat 5 TM 
                         satellite by means of the model Surface Energy Balance Algorithm 
                         for Land- SEBAL, based on the simplified energy balance equation 
                         of a surface covered by vegetation, using a few daily surface 
                         climatological parameters (wind speed, rainfall, air temperature 
                         and relative humidity, solar radiation). The aim of this study was 
                         to estimate the regional spatial distribution of the energy 
                         balance components and evapotranspiration in the study area, 
                         covering the irrigated perimeter of Gorutuba, involving the cities 
                         of Nova Porteirinha, Jana{\'u}ba, Porteirinha, Verdel{\^a}ndia 
                         and Pai Pedro. Thematic maps of regional energy balance 
                         components, evapotranspiration, and soil cover vegetation 
                         conditions were generated from spectral analyzes of the images 
                         obtained, associated with the used weather data. The ability of 
                         SEBAL to provide the spatial variability of energy balance 
                         components, including evapotranspiration, demonstrated its 
                         sensitivity to different occupation of the soil surface 
                         vegetation, and to high data temporal and spatial resolutions 
                         data, indicating that the SEBAL model can be used in scales and 
                         operational routine.",
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