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             abstract = "The objective of this study is to determine the classes of land 
                         use of an agricultural area and forest management, located in the 
                         municipality of Sinop, northern Mato Grosso, using tools Remote 
                         Sensing. We used the maximum likelihood for the determination of 
                         land use, and was later incorporated into the GIS environment, 
                         aimed at defining areas and classes. It was possible to identify 
                         that the areas in disagreement with the Brazilian Law Forest (n. 
                         12.651, of 25 May, 2012). As results can identify the distribution 
                         of areas and percentages for the four classes are: Forest Area 
                         (58.09%), Agricultural Area/Grassland (37.07%), Bare Soil (4.82%) 
                         and Hydrography (0.01%). Even Forest Area containing 58.09% of the 
                         total, is at in disagreement with the current Brazilian Law, 
                         indicating the need to forest restoration 22% of the area.",
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