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             abstract = "Multitemporal analysis is the extraction of information from the 
                         same location data obtained at different times and is used in 
                         various studies, including monitoring of plant cover in parks. The 
                         study area includes the State Park Cachoeira da Fuma{\c{c}}a, 
                         which is a conservation area and is part of the Atlantic forest 
                         biome. Its creation took place in the year 1984 and there was 
                         expansion of its area in 2009. To analyze the behavior of the 
                         vegetation in the Park, the present work had as objective to make 
                         a multitemporal analysis of its plant cover, in 1985, 1998 and 
                         2010 years, using images from the satellite Landsat 5 TM sensor, 
                         in the bands 3, 4 and 5. The processing and analysis of data was 
                         carried out by means of software Spring 5.2. and ArcGIS®10. 
                         Supervised classification was used by maximum likelihood and 
                         picture from it were generated thematic maps with three classes: 
                         forest, pasture area and others to monitor the processes of forest 
                         regeneration and/or deforestation of the area. The results showed 
                         that during the period of 25 years the area classified as forest 
                         had an increase of 18.73%, this increase can be explained by 
                         initiatives of conservation management for conservation and 
                         reforestation of areas with native species. The pasture was 19.55% 
                         reduction and the other had increased 0.92 percent. The 
                         application of supervised classification of pictures proved 
                         effective for detection of changes in vegetation cover and 
                         environmental monitoring.",
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