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             abstract = "The TREES-3 project of the European Commissions Joint Research 
                         Centre has monitored tropical forest cover change with medium to 
                         high resolution satellite imagery for the reference years 1990, 
                         2000 and 2010 on basis of a regular grid of 10 km x 10 km samples 
                         located at every full degree confluence, giving a total of 1230 
                         sample sites for tropical South and Central America and the 
                         Caribbean. For the years 1990 and 2000, imagery from the Landsat 
                         sensors covered 99% of all sample sites, and for the year 2010, 
                         86% of all sample, a further 13% of the sample sites are covered 
                         by imagery from other sensors, leaving 1% of the sample sites not 
                         covered due to the lack of good quality (cloud-free) images. All 
                         satellite images are pre-processed, including a check for 
                         geo-location, conversion to top-of-atmosphere reflectance, 
                         atmospheric correction (haze-correction and masking of cloud and 
                         cloud shadow) and normalized by a pseudo-invariant feature 
                         approach on basis of dense evergreen humid forest areas. Land 
                         cover maps are produced for each sample site and for each 
                         reference year with the following classes: tree cover, tree cover 
                         mosaic, other wooded land, other land and water. The first 
                         estimates of forest cover change between the years 1990 and 2010 
                         have been produced by extrapolation of 175 samples to the study 
                         area of the Brazilian Cerrado biome. The resulting yearly 
                         deforestation rates for the Cerrado for the periods 1990-2000 and 
                         2000-2010 were 0.6% and 1.0% respectively.",
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