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             abstract = "The phenomenon of evapotranspiration is essential for 
                         understanding the dynamics of the atmosphere in a region. At a 
                         time when discussions occur on the growth of agricultural 
                         production in Brazil and its insertion in the international market 
                         also growing concern about the environmental impacts caused by 
                         land use change, especially in the Brazilian savana (cerrado) 
                         biome. This study aimed to estimate the surface radiation fluxes 
                         and evapotranspiration daily mesoregion South Goiano grow where 
                         agricultural activities of cultivating sugar cane and soybeans on 
                         grassland areas. The SEBAL algorithm was implemented with images 
                         of MODIS / Terra, supplemented with data from automatic weather 
                         station of Morrinhos, to estimate the surface radiation fluxes and 
                         evapotranspiration in daily mesoregion South Goiano. The values of 
                         energy flows Rn, G, H and \λET, were calculated separately 
                         and the value of \λET was obtained as waste of energy 
                         balance. Also identified were the values of these parameters in 
                         pixels cerrado, cane sugar and soybeans as land use representative 
                         of the study area. The results showed that the values of cane 
                         sugar were closer to the cerrado. The values of soybeans were 
                         different compared with the savanna and cane sugar. The daily 
                         values of actual evapotranspiration reached 6.0 mm.d-1 and 
                         slightly exceeded this value.",
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