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             abstract = "Wildfires are important elements of ecosystems that can have 
                         significant environmental and socio-economic impacts. The 
                         spatio-temporal dynamics of single events are very complex and 
                         have been studied mostly through the application of models and by 
                         reconstruction using multiple data sources. Both are time 
                         consuming approaches with high associated uncertainties and 
                         laborious applicability to other case studies. In this study we 
                         propose to reconstruct the fire events and extract relevant 
                         parameters using solely remote sensing data for a large time span 
                         and spatial region. We combined a burnt areas dataset with MODIS 
                         active-fire detections to reconstruct the fire events. The 
                         structure of fire spread was described using graphs which were 
                         used to calculate the main fire routes. Using the circular 
                         statistics each routes mean fire spread direction was calculated. 
                         The approach showed promising results providing a valuable 
                         reconstruction of the fire events and retrieval of important 
                         parameters related to the propagation of single fire events. The 
                         methodology can be easily applied to other regions of the globe 
                         since it depends on a very limited amount of input data and is 
                         based on the morphological spread structure of each fire event. 
                         The more conventional approaches, such as fire spread modeling, 
                         would greatly benefit of the integration of information extract 
                         from remote sensing data.",
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