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             abstract = "This study had for purpose to analyze the environmental fragility 
                         of the Area of Environmental Protection (APA) of the Apa river 
                         created in agreement with the municipal ordinance 4743/2004, in 
                         the municipal district of Ponta Por{\~a} in the state of Mato 
                         Grosso do Sul - Brazil. The methodological procedures followed two 
                         proposed: Empiric analysis of the Fragility of the Natural 
                         environment elaborated by Ross (1994) and methodology proposed by 
                         Crepani et al., (2001) denominated Remote Sensing and 
                         Geoprocessing applied to the Economical Ecological Zoning and 
                         Territorial Ordering, in the which was made an adaptation and 
                         inserted more one environmental indicator: Areas of Biological 
                         Importance (Probio, MMA, 2007) added to the maps of slope, soils 
                         and pluviometric intensity. The potential fragility map was added 
                         to map land use/land cover through the technique of map algebra 
                         through considered overlap originated 4 fragility degrees: lower, 
                         average, high, very high. Detaching the use of the indicator of 
                         Areas of Biological importance, tends a good acting in the 
                         analysis of the environmental fragility as more instrument in the 
                         studies of it analyzes environment. That will serve as tools for 
                         physical and spatial organization of territorial and especially in 
                         decision making by public authorities or private and to assist in 
                         developing a sustainable manner without compromising the 
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