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             abstract = "The headwaters of streams are extremely important to maintain the 
                         water sources and contribute to the permanent preservation areas 
                         (PPA) and hence with the ecosystems of any region. Thus this 
                         aspect were investigated by mapping using GIS techniques by free 
                         software. The data were validated by field research conducted by 
                         students of the 1st year of high school Escola Estadual de Ensino 
                         M{\'e}dio Pedro Migliorini, located in the municipality of Monte 
                         Belo do Sul, Brazil. The objective of the study was to allow 
                         students to assess quantitatively and qualitatively the headwaters 
                         of the city, analyzing water usage, as well as the situation of 
                         the same as the environmental laws. Students were divided into 
                         work areas, conducted interviews with landowners in order to 
                         research on the consumption and use of water and what methods are 
                         used for the preservation of the spring on the property. To assess 
                         if the sources informed the owners comply with current 
                         legislation, GIS tools were employed and was generated a buffer of 
                         50 meters (area corresponding to PPA) around the source. At the 
                         end of the study were located 427 points with the following 
                         observations: 1) 95 are used for human consumption, 2) 107 for 
                         animal consumption, 3) 145 have some protection; 4) 23 are in 
                         accordance with current legislation . 37 springs were not informed 
                         about the use.",
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