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             abstract = "Urban areas are characteristic spaces under dynamic changes, with 
                         problems related to planning land cover. Such areas are especially 
                         fragile when they are located in coastal regions with mangrove 
                         vegetation and dune ecosystems. Remote sensing information and 
                         data mining techniques allow the automatic extraction of important 
                         information for planning and urban management issues of such 
                         areas. Data processing of the new high resolution remote sensing 
                         satellite systems considers the GEOBIA paradigm. In this study 
                         data from the WorldView-2 satellite. The objective of this study 
                         was to evaluate the capability of these datasets for the 
                         classification of land cover in urban coastal areas. Two 
                         test-sites were considered at the northern section of S{\~a}o 
                         Lu{\'{\i}}s city (Maranh{\~a}o State, Brazil). Initially, tests 
                         were made with a classification model, considering only those 
                         tools implemented at the InterIMAGE classification software.",
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