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                         with the South America monsoon system (SAMS) are investigated for 
                         a 30-yr period. The active and break periods of the monsoon were 
                         determined by the criterion based on a monsoon rainfall index 
                         (MRI) for the three wettest months applied to the West-Central 
                         Brazil region. Using the MRI 71 (46) cases of monsoon break 
                         (active) were identified. For active cases the precipitation 
                         composite shows a similar pattern to average summer rainfall, but 
                         with values exceeding 16mm over some areas of West-Central Brazil 
                         region and the wind circulation composite present a strong 
                         northwesterly flow from the western Amazon to southeastern Brazil. 
                         Composite anomaly pattern shown that active period is associated 
                         with 850-hPa northwesterly wind anomalies which converge in 
                         central Brazil. However, break periods are associated with wind 
                         anomalies from east to west over central Brazil.",
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