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             abstract = "In this work, the problem of optimization of interplanetary 
                         trajectories with minimum fuel consumption, but with a time limit 
                         is studied. It was used a methodology known as the Patched Conics, 
                         where the trajectory is divided into three parts: (1) departure 
                         phase, inside of the sphere of influence of the departure planet: 
                         (2) heliocentric phase, during the journey between the planets: 
                         and (3) arrival phase, inside of the sphere of influence of the 
                         arrival planet. Furthermore, the possibility of gravitational 
                         assisted maneuvers (swing-by) was considered to reduce fuel 
                         consumption. In this case the full trajectory would be divided 
                         into more parts, depending on the number of maneuvers. Therefore, 
                         the goal of this work is to find a combination of conical 
                         trajectories, using gravitational assisted maneuvers, which 
                         perform the transfer close to the departure planet to the vicinity 
                         of the arrival planet, spending minimal fuel with minimal time for 
                         the journey. Considering the minimization of time, the solution 
                         cannot be the solution of minimum fuel consumption, because the 
                         minimization of time and the minimization of fuel are conflicting 
                         objectives. Thus, a multi-objective problem must be solved. Hence, 
                         a methodology based on the Non Inferiority Criterion (Pareto, 1909 
                         [2]) and the Smallest Loss Criterion (Rocco et al., 2002 [6]) was 
                         used, capable of considering multiple objectives simultaneously, 
                         without reducing the problem to the case of optimizing a single 
                         objective as occur in most methods found in the literature. A 
                         mission to Pluto, similar to NASA's New Horizons Mission, was 
                         studied considering gravitational assisted maneuvers in Mars, 
                         Jupiter and Saturn. Simulating the trajectories and the maneuvers 
                         using the Transfer Trajectory Design Programs (Sukhanov, 2004 
                         [13]), several possibilities were analyzed for many combinations 
                         of fuel consumption, time of departure, time of arrival and planet 
                         used for the swing-by. Then, using the Multi-objective 
                         Optimization Program (Rocco et al., 2002 [6]) the problem was 
                         solved seeking the best combination. The results can provide good 
                         assistance for mission analysis reducing the cost and time.",
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