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             abstract = "The objective of this study is to analyze the potential of TERRA 
                         SAR-X dual images, on the StripMap mode, for classification of 
                         forest cover and of land use classes resulting from human 
                         activities. The area under study is located in the portions of SW 
                         Brazilian Amazon region, Acre State. The Single Look Complex 
                         images of TERRA SAR-X (ascending mode, slant range and azimuth 
                         resolution of 1m and 6m, respectively) in HH and VV polarizations, 
                         were processed in accordance with the following methodological 
                         steps: (a) generation of the covariance matrix (windows of 3x5 
                         pixels); (b) application of the Enhanced Lee filter to reduce the 
                         speckle noise; (c) targets decomposition technique based on the 
                         Cloude and Pottier theorem; (d) thematic classification by 
                         algorithm MLC + ICM (Maximum Likelihood Classifier + Iterated 
                         Conditional Modes); (e) assessment of classification accuracy by 
                         Kappa statistics. This approach has shown the potential of TERRA 
                         SAR-X images for the discrimination of primary forest, degraded 
                         forest, pastures and agricultural areas/bare soil. The best 
                         classification performance was derived from the combination of the 
                         amplitude image (resulting from covariance matrix) and the entropy 
                         image generated from the decomposition of targets. The overall 
                         classification accuracy was 76% and the Kappa value of 0.67, whose 
                         analysis were supported by field survey realized simultaneously to 
                         the acquisition of the radar images. The state of art of the 
                         forest conditions analyzed by X-band radar imagery will be an 
                         important tool, together with other frequencies/SAR systems, to 
                         subsidize both the inventory and monitoring processes of land 
                         use/land cover in Brazilian Amazon.",
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