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             abstract = "A spacecraft attitude estimation approach based on the Unscented 
                         Kalman Filter is derived. For nonlinear systems the Unscented 
                         Kalman Filter uses a carefully selected set of sample points to 
                         map more accurately the probability distribution than the 
                         linearization of the standard Extended Kalman Filter, leading to 
                         faster convergence from inaccurate initial conditions in attitude 
                         estimation problems. The filter formulation is based on standard 
                         attitude-vector measurements using a gyro-based model for attitude 
                         propagation. This paper compares the performance of a new 
                         technique, the Unscented Kalman Filter, when two different 
                         mathematical constructs are used to represent the attitude: the 
                         Euler angles and quaternions. In this study, the attitude of 
                         satellite is estimated with real time algorithms using real data 
                         supplied by gyros, Earth sensors and Sun sensors that are on board 
                         of the CBERS-2 (China Brazil Earth Resources Satellite).",
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