abstract = "Since 1960 there were done numerous observations of acoustic 
                         gravity waves in the ionosphere induced by phenomena of the solid 
                         Earth, such as earthquakes, explosions in mines and ways, tsunamis 
                         (Bolt 1964; Harkrider 1964; Calais et to., 1998). They attribute 
                         that the generation of such atmospheric waves are generated in the 
                         terrestrial surface with small extent but with big values of wave 
                         length. The principal reason to have such a coupling solid land - 
                         atmosphere, is the exponential decrease of density with the 
                         height, it causes an exponential amplification in the atmospheric 
                         waves, by the mechanism of conservation of the kinetic energy. In 
                         the F layer of the ionosphere (150-600 km from height), the speed 
                         of the disturbance is amplified typically in a factor of 10^4 
                         compared by the speed in the surface, and therefore they will be 
                         detectable so much in the observations realized in the surface, 
                         and the observations realized on board of satellites too (Blanc 
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