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             abstract = "Hypersonic flow over forward-facing steps is examined for a range 
                         of freestream Mach number from 5 to 25 at zero-degree angle of 
                         incidence. The work is motivated by interest in assessing the 
                         impact of surface discontinuities on hypersonic configurations in 
                         the Earth reentry. The Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method 
                         has been employed in order to examine the flowfield structure on 
                         these forward-facing steps. The results presented highlight some 
                         significant differences on the primary properties due to 
                         variations on the step frontal-face height and on the freestream 
                         Mach number. Interesting features observed on the velocity, 
                         density, pressure, and temperature profiles showed that small 
                         frontal-face thickness, compared to the freestream mean free path, 
                         still has important effects on the flowfield structure for the 
                         freestream Mach number range investigated.",
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