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                         on a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice are studied by extensive 
                         Monte Carlo simulations using the parallel tempering method and 
                         finite-size scaling. No evidence is found for an equilibrium 
                         order-disorder or a spin/vortex-glass transition, suggested in 
                         previous simulation works. Instead, the scaling analysis of 
                         correlations of phase and vortex variables in the full 
                         equilibrated system is consistent with a phase transition where 
                         the critical temperature vanishes and the correlation lengths 
                         diverge as a power law with decreasing temperatures and 
                         corresponding critical exponents nu(ph) and nu(upsilon).This 
                         behavior and the near agreement of the critical exponents suggest 
                         a zero-temperature transition scenario where phase and vortex 
                         variables remain coupled on large length scales.",
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