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             abstract = "A virtual globe to visualize time series of pixels from the MODIS 
                         sensor over the South American continent is available in the 
                         Internet and was developed at the Brazilian Institute for Space 
                         Research. The MODIS images acquired since the year 2000 were 
                         transformed to a vegetation index (EVI2, two-band Enhanced 
                         Vegetation Index) with pixel size of 250 m. This study aims to use 
                         these time series to identify land use changes (LUC) based on the 
                         temporal profile of EVI2 values of deforested polygons between 
                         2007 and 2011 within the context of the Soy Moratorium. Deforested 
                         polygons were divided in two strata: with and without soy in crop 
                         year 2010/11. From the MODIS/EVI2 time series the following 
                         classes were identified: forest, degraded forest, total clearing 
                         of the area, regrowth of forest, regrowth with pasture, pasture, 
                         agriculture, and soy. For stratum 1, the dominant LUC trajectory 
                         was: forest degradation regrowth / regrowth with pasture. In the 
                         second stratum we observed two main LUC trajectories: 1) forest 
                         degraded forest total clearing of the area annual crop (rice) soy; 
                         and 2) forest total clearing of the area annual crop (rice) soy. 
                         For most samples of stratum 2 the LUC trajectory was agriculture 
                         (e.g., rice) between total clearing and soy cultivation. These 
                         patterns occurred on average over two harvests, which may be 
                         considered the necessary time for soil correction and total 
                         removal of above ground stumps and roots to enable mechanized soy 
                         harvesting. The fast evaluation of one hundred polygons during 11 
                         years was only possible due to the virtual globe to visualize the 
                         MODIS time series that proved to be an important tool to improve 
                         the understanding of LUC dynamics in the Amazon region. Conference 
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