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             abstract = "This work is a study of optimization of interplanetary 
                         trajectories using gravity assisted maneuvers on different planets 
                         on the same mission. This maneuver consists in using the gravity 
                         of a planet to gain or lose energy, velocity and angular momentum, 
                         minimizing fuel consumption. The trajectory is divided into three 
                         parts, where the first and the last one are inside the sphere of 
                         influence of a planet, and the intermediate part is a heliocentric 
                         phase. This methodology is called Patched Conics. When the 
                         optimization of more than one objective is desired, considering 
                         that the objectives are conflicting, a multi-objective method is 
                         needed. The optimization problem is solved using a methodology 
                         based on the Non Inferiority Criterion (Pareto, 1909) and the 
                         Smallest Loss Criterion (Rocco et al. 2003), where all objectives 
                         are considered simultaneously, without reducing the problem to the 
                         case of optimizing a single objective as occurs in most methods 
                         found in literature. For this purpose a sequence of gravity 
                         assisted maneuvers on some planets were tested with different 
                         combinations of dates for the maneuvers, launch and arriving 
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