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             abstract = "Medium-scale gravity waves (MSGWs) observed during the Conjugate 
                         Point Experiment (COPEX) at Boa Vista (2.8N; 60.7S, dip angle 
                         21.7) have been ray-traced and studied based on zero wind and 
                         model wind conditions. Wind profiles have been used from the 
                         TIE-GCM and HWM-07 models. Temperature profiles were used from the 
                         NRLMSISE-00 and TIE-GCM models, and TIMED/SABER satellite data. 
                         Doppler up-shifted MSGWs, at ~87 km of altitude, propagated to 
                         higher altitudes into the thermosphereionosphere domain than waves 
                         that were un-shifted. Most MSGWs propagated upwards up to ~140 km 
                         of altitude and were seen to be unlikely candidates to trigger 
                         equatorial plasma bubbles (EPBs) at the F layer bottom side. 
                         However, three of them propagated up to heights close to the F 
                         layer bottom side, where it could act in the EPB seeding directly. 
                         Moreover, three MSGWs, which propagated equatorward, could act on 
                         EPB seeding by field-line-integrated effects.",
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