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             abstract = "We have analyzed a long-term database for Sco X-1 obtained with 
                         the telescope IBIS onboard the INTEGRAL satellite in order to 
                         study the hard X-ray behavior of Sco X-1 from 20 up to 200 keV. 
                         Besides the data used for producing of the INTEGRAL catalog of 
                         sources, this is the longest (412 ks) database of IBIS on Sco X-1 
                         up to date. The production of hard X-ray tails in low-mass X-ray 
                         binaries is still a matter of debate. Since most of the fits to 
                         the high-energy part of the spectra are done with powerlaw models, 
                         the physical mechanism for the hard X-ray tail production is 
                         unclear. The purpose of this study is to better constrain those 
                         possible mechanisms. Our main result shows a strong correlation 
                         between the fluxes in the thermal and nonthermal part of Sco X-1 
                         spectra. We, thus, suggest that comptonization of lower energy 
                         photons is the mechanism for producing hard X-ray tails in Sco 
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