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             abstract = "Numerical simulations of two-dimensional steady-state hypersonic 
                         flow in a gap at different length-to-depth (L/H) ratio are 
                         performed by using a Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method. 
                         The work focuses on the effects in the aerodynamic surface 
                         quantities, such as heat transfer, pressure and skin friction 
                         coefficients due to variations in the gap L/H ratio. The analysis 
                         showed that aerodynamic surface quantities presented a large 
                         dependence on the L/H ratio for the range investigated. It was 
                         found that heat transfer, pressure, and skin friction coefficients 
                         presented the maximum values along the gap downstream face, more 
                         precisely, at the vicinity of the gap shoulder. Furthermore, 
                         simulations showed that pressure and heating loads are several 
                         times larger than those for a smooth surface.",
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