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                         uncertainty, Flow over backward-facing steps, Skin friction 
                         coefficient, Surface heat fluxes Engineering controlled terms: 
                         Aerodynamics, Computer simulation, Facings, Numerical methods, 
                         Sensitivity analysis Engineering main heading: Hypersonic flow.",
             abstract = "This paper describes a numerical study on backward-facing steps 
                         situated in a rarefied hypersonic flow by employing the Direct 
                         Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method. The work is motivated by the 
                         interest in investigating the step-height effect on the 
                         aerodynamic surface quantities. In this fashion, the primary aim 
                         of this paper is to examine the sensitivity of the heat transfer, 
                         pressure and skin friction coefficients with respect to stepheight 
                         variations. The analysis showed that the hypersonic flow past to a 
                         backward-facing step is characterized by a strong expansion around 
                         the step corner, which influences the aerodynamics surface 
                         properties downstream its back face. It was also found that 
                         changing the step height affected the aerodynamic surface 
                         quantities a distance of a few mean free paths upstream of it. 
                         Numerical results were compared with available experimental data 
                         of surface heat flux downstream of the step, showing a very 
                         reasonable agreement within experimental uncertainty.",
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