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             abstract = "It is generally recognized that the physical phenomena related to 
                         the problem of separation are very important in the design of 
                         hypersonic configurations. When separation occurs in high Mach 
                         number flows, the changes in pressure distribution and heat 
                         transfer rate can have catastrophic effects in the vehicle. The 
                         presence of hot spots at separation and reattachment points 
                         changes the characteristics of the flow over the vehicle and can 
                         cause failure in the thermal protection system, as was evidenced 
                         by the tragic loss of Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003. In general, 
                         separation occurs due to the interaction of external flows with 
                         various desired or undesired design features present on the 
                         vehicle surface, such as protuberances, notches, cavities, gaps, 
                         or steps.",
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