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             abstract = "In an attempt to validate the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission 
                         (TRMM) precipitation radar (PR) over Brazil, TRMM PR estimates are 
                         compared with rain gauge station data from Agencia Nacional de 
                         Energia Eletrica (ANEEL). The analysis is conducted on a seasonal 
                         basis and considers five geographic regions with different 
                         precipitation regimes. The results showed that TRMM PR seasonal 
                         rainfall is well correlated with ANEEL rainfall (correlation 
                         coefficients are significant at the 99% confidence level) over 
                         most of Brazil. The random and systematic errors of TRMM PR are 
                         sensitive to seasonal and regional differences. During December to 
                         February and March to May, TRMM PR rainfall is reliable over 
                         Brazil. In June to August (September to November) TRMM PR 
                         estimates are only reliable in the Amazonian and southern 
                         (Amazonian and southeastern) regions. In the other regions the 
                         relative RMS errors are larger than 50%, indicating that the 
                         random errors are high.",
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