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                         regions of the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), including those 
                         affected by the interaction with the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). 
                         We use optical polarization data from aligned grains in the 
                         interstellar medium of the SMC in order to map the sky-projected 
                         direction of the magnetic field and determine characteristics of 
                         the SMC and Pan-Magellanic field structures. The earlier, 
                         photoelectric data are reanalyzed and they provide values for the 
                         average projected magnetic field intensity (1.7 ~ 10\−6 G) 
                         and the random field component intensity (3.5 ~ 10\−6 G). 
                         Another on-going program uses imaging data and, when concluded, 
                         will allow more local estimates of the field intensity in the SMC 
                         NE/Wing regions. Additional goals include cross-correlating our 
                         field mapping results with those of point sources and structures 
                         found by the Spitzer Space Telescope in the SMC between 3.6 and 8 
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