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             abstract = "The idea of the present paper is to study the swing-by maneuver 
                         between one of the planets of the Solar System and a cloud of 
                         particles. This is what happens when a fragmented comet crosses 
                         the orbit of a planet like Jupiter, Saturn, etc. We used the 
                         dynamical system that is formed by two main bodies (the Sun and 
                         one of the planets of the Solar System) and we assumed that they 
                         are in circular orbits around their center of mass and a cloud of 
                         particles is moving under the gravitational attraction of these 
                         two primaries. The motion is assumed to be planar for all the 
                         particles and the dynamics given by the patched-conic 
                         approximation is used, which means that a series of two-body 
                         problems are used to generate analytical equations that describe 
                         the problem. The main obejctive is to understand the change of the 
                         orbit of this cloud of particles after the close approach with the 
                         planet. It is assumed that all the particles that belong to the 
                         cloud have semi-major axis a  da and eccentricity e  de before 
                         the close approach with the planet. It is desired to known those 
                         values after the close approach. In particular, we will study the 
                         effects of the periapsis distance in this maneuver.",
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