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             abstract = "The relationships between the rainy season and corn yields in 
                         S{\~a}o Paulo State were investigated. The results showed that 
                         rainfall and corn yields are strongly positively correlated in 
                         most of the region, particularly in the northeastern, eastern, 
                         northwestern and western parts of the state (i.e. values are 
                         higher than 0.5 significant at 95% confidence level). The analysis 
                         of the trends in the duration of the rainy season and the 
                         associated accumulated precipitation showed a tendency of higher 
                         precipitation and shorter rainy seasons. It has been suggested to 
                         be due to global warming. Although rainfall and crop yields were 
                         positively correlated, an increase in heavy rainfall events in 
                         future may lead to landslides, flash floods and consequently crop 
                         damage. During the period 1970-2003 there was an increase of the 
                         rainy season and rainfall in strong El Niņo episodes while in the 
                         case of La Niņa events the rainy season was shorter and the 
                         rainfall decreased. Results of case studies considering the 
                         1997-98 El Niņo and the 1998-99 La Niņa suggested that the 
                         increase (decrease) of the duration of the rainy season during the 
                         El Niņo (La Niņa) event is associated with the increase (decrease) 
                         of corn yields in S{\~a}o Paulo State. Further studies with a 
                         record of corn yields longer than 14 years and considering other 
                         El Niņo/La Niņa episodes are needed to obtain a firm connection 
                         between corn yields and ENSO events in S{\~a}o Paulo State.",
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