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             abstract = "The present work aims to compare the performance of ocean color 
                         empirical algorithms to derive chlorophyll-a concentrations at the 
                         Brazilian Southeast coastal waters based on in situ fluorometric 
                         and above-water radiometric measurements. Monthly in situ data 
                         were collected at the Ubatuba-Antares time series station (2344S 
                         - 4500W), between December 2004 and January 2006. The in situ 
                         hyperspectral radiometric data were integrated to simulate the 
                         spectral bands of the Sea-viewing Wide Filed of view Sensor 
                         (SeaWiFS) and Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer 
                         (MODIS). The empirical algorithms OC2v4, OC4v4 (SeaWiFS) and OC3M 
                         (MODIS) were applied to the integrated radiometric data to 
                         retrieve chlorophyll-a concentrations, which were compared with in 
                         situ fluorometric measurements. In general, the OC4v4, OC2v4 and 
                         OC3M algorithms showed a tendency to overestimate chlorophyll-a.",
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