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             abstract = "The effects of wetland and wetland edge deforestation on Amazon 
                         floodplain water quality are investigated in this study. This 
                         paper presents the methods and results of a study devised to 
                         quantify the influence of deforestation on the environmental 
                         conditions of the Amazon wetlands lakes. In this investigation we 
                         used the following remote sensing data information: 1) PRODES 
                         deforestation area computed from Landsat ETM and TM data; 2) 
                         wetland area derived from JERS-1 GRFM mosaics; 3) Lake Chlorophyll 
                         concentration derived from MODIS images. Remote sensing 
                         information were gathered in a GIS environment and integrated to 
                         census data provided by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and 
                         Statistics to characterize deforested area land use at the 
                         municipality level. Results show that wetland deforestation for 
                         cattle grazing explains between 59% and 73 % the lake 
                         eutrophication in the municipalities under investigation. The 
                         integration of information derived from different sensors provided 
                         to be a good strategy to look into the relationship between lake 
                         water quality and wetland deforestation in regional scale.",
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