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             abstract = "At the end of the 1990s decade, remote sensing images centers 
                         around the world began to allow online access to their data on 
                         Internet sites called images catalogues. Currently, each center 
                         created exclusive images catalogue using their own interfaces, 
                         software and hardware platforms. An image catalogue has two 
                         distinct interfaces: search and metadata presentation interfaces. 
                         Despite not being part of the catalogue concept, interfaces to 
                         access the data can be docked for catalogues and are present in 
                         many of them. The objective of this work was to evaluate these 
                         interfaces above, in world major remote sensing images catalogues. 
                         It was found that Earth Explorer, eoPortal and SIRIUS have the 
                         best interfaces. The CONAI stayed in last place in the evaluation. 
                         The CBERS catalogue got an intermediary position. For this last 
                         catalogue, was suggested some simple changes, which could improve 
                         its interface satisfactorily.",
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