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             abstract = "The basin of Ribeirao Pi{\c{c}}arr{\~a}o is located in the city 
                         of Araguari, state of Minas Gerais, in the Tri{\^a}ngulo 
                         Mineiro/Alto Parana{\'{\i}}ba region, between the geographical 
                         coordinates of 1837'53{"} and 1853'04{"} south latitude and 
                         474444{"} and 4807'12{"} west longitude, which occupies an area 
                         of 40855.6 ha. The area of the research is characterized by a 
                         constant dynamic in its use of the land, by the use of 
                         mechanization gained of the changes that occurred from 
                         post-industrial revolution. The use of techniques of geoprocessing 
                         has a big importance to the analytical processing of spatial 
                         datas, the survey and mapping of natural resources. The purpose of 
                         this study was to analyze the changes in the refered area of the 
                         basin in the period of twenty years (1988 to 2008). To develop the 
                         study were used images from the sensor/satellite TM/Landsat5, 
                         topographic maps on the scale of 1:25.000 (DSG and IBGE) and 
                         softwares, Arcview GIS 3.2, ENVI and Cartalinx. From the results, 
                         it was observed that the cultivation area of the basin passed from 
                         an expressive use of perennial culture (coffee), which occupied a 
                         total area of 12.2% in 1988 to only 2.5% currently. In addition to 
                         the areas of crop cultivation and irrigated annually, which in 
                         1988 occupied together 13.4%, occupies today 32% of the area of 
                         the basin, with emphasis on soya, corn and sugar cane. The work 
                         was very useful in understanding the dynamics of use and occupancy 
                         of the land in the basin of Ribeirao Pi{\c{c}}arr{\~a}o.",
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