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             abstract = "The significant growth of timber exploration, on the last 20 
                         years, in the Amazon comes, partially, from the exhaustion of the 
                         Brazilian forests located on the south and southeast regions. 
                         Therefore, it is possible to predict that the timber exploration 
                         process, in the Amazon, shall increase even more in the long term. 
                         To prevent this process from affecting the forestall resources 
                         maintenance, methods and techniques have been proposed, for a 
                         sustainable and more rational use of the forest. With the use of 
                         satellite images, it is possible to estimate the impact of a 
                         logging exploration through time, without the need of frequent 
                         field visits. Although it is more common to use these images to 
                         detect totally deforested areas, it is also possible to detect low 
                         intensity explorations. The objective of this study is to test the 
                         Linear Model for Spectral Mixture on CBERS (2 and 2B) satellite 
                         images, for the monitoring of areas with low intensity 
                         interventions from human exploration. This information will supply 
                         the law enforcement actions with precise data to fight against 
                         incipient deforestations. Seen that most of the monitoring and 
                         surveillance actions accomplished nowadays have as basis areas 
                         that are already deforested, this model may bring an important 
                         tool to prevent severe damages to the forest..",
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