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             abstract = "Conversions of natural landscapes to croplands can be evaluated by 
                         remote sensing techniques, more specifically by change detection 
                         methods and by multitemporal data. These are essential sources of 
                         information to understand land use and land cover dynamics. This 
                         work has arisen from needing to compare differences in land cover 
                         using two Landsat /TM datasets throughout the time (1986 and 
                         2007). It aims to quantify the increase of croplands in Lucas do 
                         Rio Verde, in the State of Goias Brazil, and the loss of native 
                         vegetation in that region. Change detection on land use and land 
                         cover was evaluated by difference image between 1986 and 2007 
                         vegetation index. Difference image between NDVIs has brought 
                         changed areas out, although it has been affected by variances in 
                         the crop calendar on the moment of images acquirement. By applying 
                         morphological filters on both datasets, a good estimate of 
                         agricultural area and its expansion was obtained. Difference image 
                         between filtrated images allowed to identify sites of change on 
                         land use and land cover. Morphological proceedings seem to be 
                         useful to discriminate dichotomous conditions, as for instance 
                         croplands and native vegetation. Further, an unsupervisioned 
                         classification by cluster analysis (k-means algorithm) to both 
                         datasets has been carried out, but the results have been damaged 
                         by clouds cover.",
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