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             abstract = "This article aims to examine the problem of crime in urban areas 
                         of the city of S{\~a}o Lu{\'{\i}}s - Ma, highlighting events 
                         and attempts at theft, with a geographical approach, using 
                         official statistics of the Center of Integrated Security 
                         Operations (CIOPS) and the potential of Geographic Information 
                         Systems (GIS). Methodological procedures were divided in four 
                         stages (universe of research, working environment organization, 
                         alphanumeric data processing, processing numerical models of 
                         ground). Results were as follows: Neighborhoods with the highest 
                         rate of incidents of theft in 2005 and 2006, months, weeks, shifts 
                         and types with the highest incidence of theft. Through analysis of 
                         results, it was concluded that to stop the advance of crime, it is 
                         needed a multidisciplinary approach, and that geography and the 
                         Academy can contribute significantly to spatial analysis of 
                         different types of crime that occur in the city of S{\~a}o 
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