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             abstract = "This work has as objective the comparison of different techniques 
                         for image restoration. These techniques are used as pre-processing 
                         for feature detection techniques applied to the problem of 
                         automatic image-based position estimation for UAV's (Unmanned 
                         Aerial Vehicles). This image-based position estimation consists in 
                         a matching problem among images captured by different sensors. The 
                         matching is made with features obtained through the images 
                         captured by a camera coupled to a helicopter and georeference 
                         images of the navigation environment, that are stored in the own 
                         vehicle. Such georeference images are aerial photographs and 
                         images generated by the satellite Ikonos. In this work, the 
                         analyzed techniques for image restoration are: the Inverse Filter; 
                         the Wiener Filter in the frequency domain; the Wiener Filter in 
                         the space domain; the Regularization Filter; the Lucy-Richardson 
                         Filter; the Blind Deconvolution Filter; and the Median Filter. And 
                         the feature detection is accomplished by the Scale Invariant 
                         Feature Transform (SIFT) algorithm. Through analyses of the 
                         results, the importance of the pre-processing by image restoration 
                         is verified, mainly, when images of different sensors are used. 
                         Besides, it is verified that the combination of the image 
                         restoration with the SIFT algorithm decreases the impact of 
                         rotation, translation and scale variations in the problem of image 
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