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             abstract = "This paper describes the methodology used for accessing the 
                         accuracy of vegetation maps from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Its main 
                         objective was to define suitable accuracy measures which 
                         characterize maps of vegetation cover to be used within the 
                         framework of the statewide forest inventory. Sampling size was 
                         defined based on a desired a priori accuracy of 85%. It was 
                         implemented a simple random sampling design. A road transportation 
                         database was used as the reference for sampling selection. 
                         Standard error matrices were produced to derive the accuracy 
                         measures global accuracy, Kappa and Tau. Confidence intervals were 
                         determined based on random sampling with proportions. The results 
                         showed that the minimum sampling size to achieve the desired 
                         accuracy was of 196 sample points. Using the road network, 11989 
                         sample points were visited in the field. Values found for Global 
                         accuracy, Kappa, and Tau were 87.29%, 81.74%, and 86.31%, 
                         respectively. The confidence interval for the precision of the 
                         vegetation map of Minas Gerais is between 84.84% and 85.15%. It is 
                         concluded that simple random sampling was adequated to allocate 
                         the sample points as the a priori accuracy was lower than the 
                         actual accuracy and the later is within the short confidence 
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