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             abstract = "The estimate of the area of land to be planted with annual crops 
                         and the stratification by municipality are important variables in 
                         crop forecasts. Due to the high cloud cover along the main growing 
                         season (October to March) it is difficult to acquire suitable 
                         orbital images. Thus, the proposal is to use remote sensing data 
                         from dates before the crop growing season, when there are less 
                         clouds. This work presents the use of multitemporal TM/Landsat-5 
                         data gathered on July and September of 1998 (before the summer 
                         growing season) in order to estimate the area of land to be 
                         planted with summer crops in an area of S{\~a}o Paulo State, 
                         Brazil. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and digital image 
                         processing techniques were applied for treatment of the available 
                         data. Supervised and non-supervised classifications were used for 
                         data in digital number and reflectance formats and for the 
                         multitemporal Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) 
                         images. The classification techniques presented excellent results 
                         according to the kappa index. Nevertheless, this methodology can 
                         be improved in order to provide good crop area estimates using 
                         remote sensing data, despite the cloud cover during the growing 
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