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             abstract = "The amount of solar radiation that reaches the sea surface is one 
                         of the factors that controls the photosynthesis in the ocean. As a 
                         result the cloud cover can influence on the primary production 
                         temporal and spatial variable. The goal of this work is to analyze 
                         the cloud cover variability and chlorophyll-a concentration along 
                         the Brazilian coast between 6 N/34 S and 34.5W/55W for the period 
                         of 1998 and 1999 using monthly means. To accomplish this the cloud 
                         cover is estimated by the BRASIL-SR radioactive transfer model 
                         with the aid of GOES-8 data and the chlorophyll-a data comes from 
                         the SeaWiFS/OrbView-2 sensor. Both data sets will be correlated 
                         and the results are expected to show a high negative correlation 
                         between them. This work is underway.",
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